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Large Rail Bolts

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The Stainless Steel Rail Bolt assembly for kayaks fits any standard kayak track rail. The Rail Bolt slides into the track, your equipment is placed onto the bolt, the washers are put into place, the knob is attached and tightened, DONE.

They can be used to attach rod holders, tool-bait trays, fish finders, cup holders, and many other things to your track rail.   They are also used on our TRAC-RAIL systems to attach our rail to Tracker and Lowe fishing boats, pontoon boats, fishing docks, and piers.

Better grip and torque are produced with the large knob made with Plum Bakelite Plastic with a Brass Threaded Insert.                                                   

The assemblies are sold (4) to a package. 

Each bolt assembly consists of a 1" stainless steel bolt, bakelite plastic knob with brass insert, a large stainless steel washer, and a lock washer.

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